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I recently completed my MSc in Structural Engineering with distinction from University of Sheffield. I have a unique combination of structural design experience as well as having in-depth knowledge of analysis, design, modelling and project scheduling softwares employed for these projects. The skill set and experience I have was supplemented and polished through my MSc from University of Sheffield, which is one of the best universities in the field of Structural Engineering.

I have more than five years working experience in structural design and software testing of engineering applications with industry leaders in their fields. The projects on which I worked during these years include structural design of a variety of structures including multi-storey residential, office and commercial buildings, earth retaining structures and water retaining structures. I also remained a part of team working on generation of detailed structural drawings for Dubai International Airport Extension project. On the software testing side I remained part of teams responsible for quality assurance testing of several commercial releases of software packages like Bentley Structural, AutoPLANT Structural, AutoPLANT PDW and STAAD. I lead the testing activities for AutoPLANT Structural. I gained in depth knowledge of CAD software applications like AutoCAD and MicroStation and structural analysis and design software applications like SAP, STAAD and GSA.

In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong communication, interpersonal, and administrative skills. I worked both as an efficient member of different teams and as a team lead of project teams.

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This website outline my professional career, education and showcases some of the projects which I worked on during my studies and through my professional career. It also go through in detail regarding my professional track record and competencies.

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