M B Shah

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MSc Structural Engineering

University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK - January 2010

I completed my MSc in Structural Engineering with distinction from University of Sheffield. The University of Sheffield is among the top ten universities in the UK. It is one of the best universities in the field of civil and structural engineering. The Vibration Engineering Section (VES) of the department is a pioneer in it's field and conducts internationally-leading research into vibration serviceability under human-induced dynamic loading.

I was elected as a representative for MSc Civil And Structural Engineering for a class of over 60 students. I remained the class representative for the whole year and raised all the issues faced by the students in the scheduled Staff-Student Committee meetings.

I was awarded distinction for my MSc dissertation titled 'Material Failure Simulated with 2D Truss Dynamics'. The project required development of a Finite Element Analysis application using MatLAB which is capable of performing dynamic analysis and simulating material failure. You can access the project details by clicking here.

The modules completed during my MSc are listed below:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Linear Systems & Structural Analysis Dissertation Planning & Paper Presentation
Computational Structural Analysis Advanced Concrete Design
Vibration Engineering Design of Structural Steel Frames
Structural Design Design Project
Introduction to Earthquake Engineering Blast & Impact Effects on Structures
- Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures


BSc Civil Engineering

Military College of Engineering (NUST), Pakistan – June 2002

I completed my BSc in Civil Engineering with an overall percentage of 69.69% from Military College of Engineering a campus of National University of Science and Technology. The university has the honour of being the best university in the field of Civil Engineering in Pakistan.

The final year group project was a research based project soil permeability related to sub-surface drainage system in water logged area. The conclusion from the project pointed out a possibility of reducing the cost of any future sub-surface drainage project by 18.5%. This was a remarkable achievement for an undergraduate project. The details of the project can be can be accessed here.

Some of the major modules of my undergraduate studies are listed below:

- Theory of Structures

- Concrete Technology

- Steel Structures

- Strength of Materials

- Design of Structures

- Hydraulics

- Survey

- Soil Engineering

- Highway Engineering

- Engineering Mechanics