M B Shah

Online Portfolio

Apart from projects that I completed during my professional career, I accomplished other projects during my studies. I also completed a couple of 3D modelling projects for other companies. The details of the projects carried out during my professional career cannot be shared due to company policies. The links to these project pages with a small description is given below:

Helium - MSc Dissertation

Helium was the code name for my MSc dissertation project. The project involved development of a Finite Element Analysis application in MatLab capable of performing dynamic analysis. You can find the details of the project by clicking here.

Portland House - Design Project

This was a group design project involving the complete design of a residential accommodation. The building comprised an underground basement, a private leisure development on the ground floor, and a further nine floors of luxury residential accommodation. The details of the project can be accessed here.

BSc Final Year Project

The final year group project was a research based project soil permeability related to sub-surface drainage system in water logged area. The conclusion from the project pointed out a possibility of reducing the cost of any future sub-surface drainage project by 18.5%. This was a remarkable achievement for an undergraduate project. The details of the project can be can be accessed here.

3D Modelling - Mechanical Parts

This was a private project which required accurate 3D modelling of a few gym apparatus in AutoCAD. The project required the measurements of the parts to be precise so that they can use the same models for the construction of the mechanical parts. You can access the details of the project here.

3D Modelling - House Model

This project was my first interaction of 3D modelling in AutoCAD. It was a simple two storey house 3D model created and rendered in AutoCAD. You can find the rendered images of this project by clicking here.